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Custom with The Earnhart Company

We offer custom services with manufacturing times as fast as 2 hours.

Learn about how we contour your experience based on your goals below.

Custom Services

Same day custom.

We make it possible. We offer free Concept Model alterations, but sometimes your idea needs a fresh start - we're glad to help you out. ​


We offer ground up custom design, manufacturing and advising services so that you can take full advantage of what we have to offer.

Customize with us.

Every experience with the Earnhart Company is unique. We design a unique plan for every client. Our first priority is to understand your goals, and then help you accomplish them. 


We often work with clients from the ground up. Our typical workflow is designed to provide you with maximum feedback while being as cost-effective as possible. Get started by calling (540) 220-8501 or emailing

Our prices

We get it - and we are glad to provide up-front numbers for our common request so you don't have to wait for a quote. Let us surprise you with our prices.

From consultation to delivery, Concept Model alterations and custom mouthpieces take around one mouth. Need it faster? Contact us to arrange the appropriate speed.

Base prices:

Custom Mouthpieces (one piece, silver plated, includes up to two 30-minute in-person or Zoom consultations)

Trombone/Euphonium: 260 USD

Tuba: 300 USD


Oro-pro rim: +115 USD for all mouthpieces (in-person only, 45 minutes)

Surgical grade stainless steel fused rim: +60 USD for all mouthpieces

Titanium rim: +120 for all mouthpieces



     Gold (full mouthpiece): 80 USD

     Gold (rim and cup only): 80 USD

     Rhodium (full mouthpiece): 110 USD


     Gold (full mouthpiece): 170 USD

     Gold (rim and cup only): 170 USD

     Rhodium (full mouthpiece): 210 USD

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