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Try a Concept Model

Test Concept Models before beginning custom services, or before you purchase!

Our 20 dollar fee covers shipping to you, a return label, insurance, sterilization, and restocking fees.

How it works

Purchase a Concept Model trial of the mouthpiece you wish to try. We permit up to two mouthpieces per trial shipment. 

Your mouthpiece[s] will ship in a dimensioned box. Please save this box, as you will use it to return the mouthpieces. A return label and packing tape are included in your package. You can return the box by dropping it off at your nearest shipping location. Please make sure you drop off the package at the correct courier location.

Our terms

We are pleased to offer this service. While normal wear and tear are expected, any substantial damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents, or alterations, will incur a charge up to 100% of the sale price of the mouthpiece. Additionally, failure to return the mouthpiece within the designated trial period of 7 days after delivery may result in such charges being applied to the card on file.

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