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About us

The Earnhart Company is more than a business - we are a center for multidisciplinary innovation. We are also trained musicians who understand your needs on a personal level.

We bring expertise in:

          performing arts medicine

                     computer science

                               oro-facial musculature research

                                       product design and manufacturing solutions

We are also trained musicians who understand your needs on a personal level. 

Founded in March 2020 in Spotsylvania, Virginia, we started as a single-machine, custom mouthpiece shop. Now, we are located in downtown Rochester, New York, where our facility houses CNC, CM probe, additive, and in-development technologies.

Jack Earnhart

Owner, Founder

Jack founded The Earnhart Company in March of 2020. He brings expertise in performance physiology, embouchure health, and geometric/acoustic relationships of mouthpiece.


Praised as a "leader and visionary" in the music industry, Earnhart is an active performer, composer, and researcher. As a researcher, he explores the psychophysiological aspects of brass playing, examines the geometric and acoustic connections of brass mouthpieces, and investigates the facial muscle dynamics involved in playing a musical instrument. He is currently spearheading a series of collaborative studies between the Eastman School of Music, the Eastman Performing Arts Medicine Group, and the University of Rochester Health Lab. This research employs EMG technologies and is focused on quantifying muscle activation in the orofacial region. He also mentors undergraduate research at the University of Rochester. Topics currently include differential threshold/just-noticeable-difference studies of music, and psychophysical relationships with mouthpiece mass and timbral output. Recently, he was the lead designer on a team of medical professionals tasked with developing and manufacturing adaptive hand and arm technologies for musicians.


A versatile performer of both euphonium and keyboard instruments, he was awarded a degree in Euphonium Performance from the New England Conservatory of Music where he studied with Boston Symphony Orchestra trombonists Norman Bolter and James Markey. Earnhart is also an organist, and held the position of associate music director and organist at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston from 2021-2023. There, he composed three Mass settings and months worth of liturgical programming. He has also performed in Boston's Symphony Hall on the Aeolian-Skinner organ.

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Ryan Phillips

Head of Systems Development


Ryan Phillips is the Head of Systems Development at the Earnhart Company, and brings expertise in UI/UX design, database management, GUI frameworks, and a wide array of programming languages.

As the head of development at EPTech, he plays a pivotal role in devising and implementing automated processes for the Earnhart Company. He also manages strategic development of web applications.


As a trumpet player, his desire to create music that is impactful and deeply personal led him to discover a truly unique style, which he brings to multiple jazz settings throughout the greater Washington DC area. He has performed with Arturo Sandoval, Henry Winkler, and Itzhak Perlman.

Cole MacEwen Headshot 2024_edited.jpg
Cole MacEwen

Research, Marketing, and Production Intern

Cole MacEwen is an artist who takes music beyond what is written on the page. Cole is a Boston-based bass trombonist at Boston Conservatory and studies with Angel Subero and Ohtae Kwon. Cole is an active orchestral performer, chamber artist, and soloist. Most recently, Cole has participated in organizations such as Benjamin Zander's Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Boston University Tanglewood Institute, and New England Conservatory's Preparatory School. Cole creates community outreach opportunities that make live music more accessible to communities with the ultimate goal of positively affecting the lives of others through music. Most notably, Cole organized a benefit concert that raised over $2,500 for a new non-profit organization, Livybug Loveboxes, which is designed to create care packages for children in cancer units in local hospitals. Cole’s artistry has led him to the highest levels of performance. Cole performs regularly in the Northeast United States in addition to having had prior engagements in Canada and South Africa.


Cole is also an emerging pedagogue and entrepreneur. In his early years, Cole was fortunate to study with influential mentors including Ohtae Kwon, Ilan Morgenstern, and Alex Knutrud. Although Cole’s musical roots started in performing, his interest in the broader music industry has led him to delve deeper into the field involving areas of marketing and artist engagement in the 21st Century. Cole has collaborated with the Earnhart Company to complete original work on the relationship between marketing and conversion rate relevant to the musical instrument manufacturing industry. 

As our RMP Intern, Cole participates in on-site training covering research methods and the application of both translation and original research in design and marketing. He works hands-on in our manufacturing facility, gaining valuable insights into engineering challenges and manufacturing cores specific to the musical instrument mouthpiece manufacturing industry. 

Josh Budziak

Design and Manufacturing Intern

Josh Budziak is a tubist from Chicago, Illinois and is currently based in Rochester, New York. He attends the Eastman School of Music, where he is double majoring in tuba performance and music education. In both Rochester and Chicago, Josh has presented at multiple middle and high schools, including masterclasses and group lessons. He has also been featured as a guest conductor in the greater Chicago area. While in Rochester, Josh has arranged for and conducted the Eastman Tuba Mirum ensemble, and was a founding member of the Alvum Animo brass quintet, one of the performers at the Eastman Honors Chamber Recital.

Recently, Josh won the Institute of Music Leadership Mentorship Grant. This grant will help fund a study that aims to determine if there is a correlation between brass mouthpiece mass and timbral output of a brass instrument. Through this study, he aims to create an easier way for customers to make informed purchases through an understanding how their mouthpiece may affect their performance. Outside of music, Josh enjoys chess, video games, solving Rubik’s Cubes, and watching Formula 1 races.

As our Design and Manufacturing Intern, Josh focuses on gaining expertise in design and manufacturing of our products. He works hands-on in our manufacturing facility, gaining valuable insights into engineering challenges and manufacturing cores specific to the musical instrument mouthpiece manufacturing industry. 

Solve problems.

Transform curiosity into action.

Innovate new solutions.

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