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Our mouthpieces

Concept Models: mouthpieces designed as highly effective 'ready to use' options. They cover our most requested designs.

Try Concept Models in person or purchase a trial (which covers shipping and sterilization). 


We use Concept Models to do custom work. Learn more below. 

Concept Models


Custom Services

We've done the impossible.

At The Earnhart Company, custom alterations are free. Yes, free.

Here's how:

You've tested a Concept Model. You've decided you'd like to buy one... but you'd like to change just one thing. Or maybe two. 

Call our facility (540) 220-8501 to schedule a consultation. We'll work with you - listening to your requirements, providing expert analysis, and giving recommendations along the way. When we're done, your mouthpiece will be manufactured, plated, and sent to you with a custom serialized engraving - all for the same price as a standard model.

From consultation to delivery, Concept Model alterations and custom mouthpieces take around one mouth. Need it faster? Contact us to arrange the appropriate speed.

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Customize with us

Every experience with the Earnhart Company is unique. We design a unique plan for every client. Our first priority is to understand your goals, and then help you accomplish them.


We often work with clients from the ground up. Our typical workflow is designed to provide you with maximum feedback while being as cost-effective as possible. Get started by clicking here.

Solve problems.

Transform curiosity into action.

Innovate new solutions.

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