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Our technologies help take you to the highest level.

Our insight into the challenges faced by performing artists, coupled with pioneering technological developments, has yielded incredible technologies.


Working with you gives us valuable data points to help create a mouthpiece that functions exactly like you feel it should.

That's why we have developed technolgies to take mouthpiece testing and performance to the highest level.

EValve (2023)

The EValve was originally designed for difference threshold research at the University of Rochester. Through continuous development and optimization, we now offer EValve testing for any Concept Model at your in-person consultation. 

Have you ever wanted to test the effect of two different throat diameters back-to-back? Now you can, faster than it takes to snap your fingers. Actually, even faster. 

Final Earnhart Valve v2_edited.jpg
Oro-pro (2024)
Dental Equipment

Oro-pro is a new era in mouthpiece design.

Consider insert orthotics. They reduce strain, improve posture and stabilization. Further, they provide improvements to overall biomechanics. Custom orthotics are developed to fit in the shoe of the athlete with the main goals of performance improvement and injury prevention. 

This was our model for Oro-pro (oro-facial profiling). Though a proprietary process, we create a high-accuracy rim impression from a medical grade copolymer while you play. We then digitize your rim in-house using a high accuracy macro scanning application. In less than 24 hours from your arrival at our facility, we can produce an Oro-pro rim fused to an underpart - ready for you to play.

Probing / Coordinate Measuring

We have in-house mouthpiece probing capabilities. While we do not produce duplications of mouthpieces, rims can easily be scanned and applied to other mouthpieces for optimal comfort.

Rapid Additive Manufacturing

We have additive manufacturing technology to get you prototypes, fast. Ask what we can do for you during your consultation or by calling (540) 220-8501.

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